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We all know that children love to cook, love to eat- and they just love parties!

So we created the perfect party solution with The Cheeky Chefs party solutions to suit all tastes and ages, at a venue of your choice let us take the strain. Choose from any of the popular choices below or let us create a party to suit your birthday chef...

Parties start at £150 for 6 but with 18 or 24 children we adapt the recipes to accommodate more children at a reasonable cost £200-£250 for a 2 hour party including 1/2 hour to eat your party food or what we have made.

Everyone's Favourite!


Choose from a wide selection of scrumptious, sticky, chocolatey recipes including cookies, cakes, muffins, ....and Pizza, each chef makes a small pizza to eat as part of the party food and the cookies to take home in their party bag Add…

Pizza and Cupcakes


Make your cake and pizza and eat it! great way to get everyone involved from all ages and up to 24 children, we just need a double oven and leave the rest to us chefs select from a range of…

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate


Muffins, cookies and cake, the ultimate birthday treat! We make it all and eat some! Add a chocolate fountain for that extra wow factor! A firm fun favourite for and 1 hour or an hour and a half the chefs are…

The Cheeky Bake Off Challenge


The Cheeky Bake Off Challenge against the clock with favourite Bake off Recipes. Add to your party bags with aprons, cookie cutters, measuring spoons etc. for a special party We love a challenge and we love to bake so against…